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Restoring the Strength of Cracked Masonry

2016-04-13 23:24:27

Where masonry is found to be cracked but stable, stress free masonry re-inforcing rods can be installed across the crack.

These unique designed rods are bonded into the mortar bed joint across the crack using a specially formulated resin or resin based cementitious grout. These rods ensure the strength of the masonry is restored to at least its pre-cracked level. This also prevents those cracks re-opening further, subject to there being no on-going structural movement, such as subsidence.

Securing & strengthening cracked brickwork

As seen in the video, the crack stitching process is simple and unobtrusive. Our structural engineers will carry out:

  • A horizontal incision across grouting between two bricks
  • Specially formulated resin filling
  • Embedding of durable crack stitching bars
  • Sealing of bars with grout to disguise their presence

Should require a Lintel Repairs of your property then please call us on 01227 860 550 or fill in our contact form on this site.

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