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A Unique Repair Strategy

2016-04-13 23:32:01

Decay to large structural timbers in old and historic buildings can be problematic to resolve. By using resin-based technology disturbance can be minimised when repairing timbers, such as in-situ timber joists, wall plates, lintels and beams.

The Benefits of a Resin Repair

At the heart of the repair is Rotafix TRS. This uses resin technology to enable a section of tanalised, stress graded guaranteed timbers to be attached onto the original joist or beam. Alternatively a new section of timber species, such as reclaimed oak can be joined. Slots are cut either from above or from the side to accommodate specially designed connector rods. The connection is completed by the insertion of a specially formulated resin.

The benefit in using the Rotafix TRS system is that valuable timber can be saved, particularly in listed buildings and it can provide a cosmetic result that can be as good as the original.

The Rotafix TRS system offers three levels of security, in that the tanalised timber is certified, whilst the Rotafix resins are guaranteed for the life of the parent timber. The Rotafix TRS system can also be insured provided a Property Care Association (PCA) member undertakes the installation.

The TRS system is one of many repairs that can be effected using resin technology. Other repairs that can be undertaken using resin are the filling of 'shakes', the consolidation of hollow timber and the repair of Glulam beams.

If you require defective timbers to be inspected then please call us on 01227 860 550 or fill in our contact form on this site.

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